Panhellenic Recruitment at the University of Florida is an exciting process, but it can be very overwhelming. It’s not easy moving to a large college campus, nevertheless going through recruitment with so many girls. The Delta Kappa chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon here at the University of Florida is our home away from home. Our mission during recruitment is to show each Potential New Member how much we love being a part of this sisterhood. During recruitment each and every Potential New Member will speak to our members about interests, values, service, activities, and so much more. We look to find the most outstanding, intelligent, and charismatic young women to join our sisterhood. Last year we were lucky to have 90 new members join our chapter and we are very excited for the upcoming fall recruitment.

If you are an alumnae or collegiate member wishing to submit a reference on behalf of a Potential New Member please send it to our recruitment chair at:
Attn: Jessica Katz
Delta Phi Epsilon
1115 SW 9th avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Recruitment Dates for Fall 2018:

  • August 16: Orientation
  • August 17: Round 1 Day 1
  • August 18: Round 1 Day 2
  • August 19: Round 2 Day 1
  • August 20: Round 2 Day 2
  • August 21: Round 3 Day 1 
  • August 24: Round 3 Day 2
  • August 25: Preferential Round
  • August 26: Bid Day

To register for Recruitment and for more information, please click here.