From fun social themed events and woodsers with fraternities to grab-a-dates and formal functions, Deephers definitely know how to have fun! Every semester brings a calendar filled with social activities that help to make our college experience truly one of a kind. Some of the best memories we have made together come from putting together silly outfits for our socials. Themes like “throw down for your hometown” and “90’s inspired“ help us channel our inner kids and get creative for all of our events.

We also can’t forget about Gator Football season! Every game day we are paired with a different fraternity who hosts a giant barbeque for us. Not to mention, you can always rely on Dphie to come in the most spirited Gator outfits!

Date functions are also some of the most exciting activities we have. Some of our most anticipated events are our semi-formal Masquerade Ball and our annual military attire grab-a-date event “Delta-Draft-A-Date.”

Not only do we hold social events with our friends across campus, but we also host events for our families too! Each year we have a Family Weekend, Mother-Daughter Weekend, and a Father-Daughter Weekend.

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